About the Author

Born in Tokyo, Japan. After living in New York and being trained as a professional ballet dancer,
she entered the Keio University in Tokyo and attained a BA degree in environmental information
whilst co-launching a multidisciplinary cultural magazine Paperknife.
in 2001, she started her career as a freelance performing arts journalist. Since then she has con-
ducted interviews in fourteen countries and have continuously written over one hundred articles
annually. Articles have been published in magazines and newspapers, most widely in Japan, and
occasionally in the United States and United Kingdom. Texts also regularly appear in official theatre
performance programs and pamphlets. In October 2011, she has attended the Festival/Tokyo’s
‘Critics in Residence Program’ as a journalist representing Japan.

For the past several years, she has been working also as an independent artistic consultant,
contributing to organizations like Festival/Tokyo, the largest performing arts festival in Japan.
In September 2010, she was appointed as Associate Creative Partner of Kanagawa Arts Theatre.

In November 2011, her latest book Tokyo Theatre Today: Conversations with Eight Emerging
Theatre Artists
was published in Japan and in London. The second book, a biography of Ushio
Amagatsu, the choreographer of Butoh Company Sankai-juku is set to be published soon from the
French publishing company Actes Sud. In May 2012, she will be contributing as the guest English
journalist writing articles for the official website of Berliner Festspiele.
Currently based in Tokyo and London.

執筆活動を行う。2011年11月、著書『東京演劇現在形 八人の新進作家たちとの対話』出版。


フェスティバル/トーキョー09ドキュメント ( 山海塾『金柑少年』寄稿)
(ジゼル・ヴィエンヌ公演評寄稿、プログラムディレクター座談会 和英原稿寄稿)
東京演劇現在形:八人の新進作家たちとの対話 (Hublet Publishing)

Romeo Castellucci「Inferno Purgatorio Paradiso」Japan Tour Programm
Festival/Tokyo 09:Documents(Essay on Sankai-juku Kinkan Shonen)
Festival/Tokyo 10:Documents (Essay on Gisèle Vienne, Interview text for three festival directors)
Tokyo Theatre Today: Conversations with Eight Emerging Theatre Artists