【BOOKS】Ushio Amagatsu: Des rivages d’enfance au bûto de Sankai Juku



Ushio Amagatsu is now one of the most important Butoh dancer and choreographer in the world. The Sankai Juku , founded in 1975, became known worldwide . Yet this is the first time that ‘Ushio Amagatsu presents us with his full-length biography, through a series of interviews conducted and realized into text by Kyoko Iwaki. In a poetic and pictorial language, the artist book describes from the memories of the childhood to the dreams of the adolescence which all becomes precious seeds for his creative imagination. In the second part of the text, various socio-cultural and aesthetic themes sustaining Amagatsu’s choreographic works are provided. This book allows the reader to understand the aesthetics of a singular work where contemplation is a critical component.

Ushio Amagatsu est aujourd’hui l’un des chorégraphes et danseurs les plus importants du butô. La compagnie Sankai Juku, créée en 1975, le fit connaître dans le monde entier. C’est pourtant la première fois qu’Ushio Amagatsu se plie à l’exercice de l’autobiographie, grâce à une série d’entretiens recueillis par Kyoko Iwaki. Dans une langue poétique et imagée, l’artiste livre des souvenirs d’enfance et de jeunesse qui nous permettent de suivre son processus de création. Dans la seconde partie du texte, Amagatsu expose les diverses thématiques qui nourrissent son travail chorégraphique. Cet ouvrage permet au lecteur de mieux comprendre l’esthétique d’une oeuvre singulière où la contemplation tient une place primordiale.

Paris: Actes Sud, 2013

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On November 5, Kyoko Iwaki’s latest book Tokyo Theatre Today: Conversations with Eight Emerging Theatre Artists will be published first in Tokyo. Followed by UK book launch on November 30.

The eight playwrights and directors featured in this collection of interviews are the leading Tokyo contemporary theatre practitioners, who are now all being frequently invited to international theatre festivals. Here they discuss their backgrounds, core conceptual ideas, rehearsal techniques, and key works, in conversation with a journalist with over ten years’ experience covering the Japanese performing arts scene. Fully bilingual in English and Japanese, this is the first book published in years to introduce the Japanese contemporary theatre scene to the foreign readers. It is an essential text for understanding Tokyo’s emerging theatre talent as well as important recent cultural trends in Japan.

Interviews with: Akira Takayama (Port B), Shu Matsui (Sample), Toshiki Okada (chelfitsch), Hideto Iwai (Hi-bye), Tomohiro Maekawa (Ikiume), Daisuke Miura (potudo-ru), Kuro Tanino (Niwa Gekidan Penino), Shiro Maeda (Gotanndadan)

The book is available at London’s Calder bookstore and also on 

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