【Article】日本の過去や未来とも重なる、現在進行形のドキュメンタリー演劇 マーク・テ『Baling(バリン)』


Photo by June Tan Courtesy of Asian Arts Theatre

Photo by June Tan Courtesy of Asian Arts Theatre



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【NEWS】討論会 演劇についての新たな考察-ジゼル・ヴィエンヌを迎えて

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03-3584-3201 info.tokyo@goethe.de








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?Books?Fukushima and the Arts: Negotiating Nuclear Disaster


Edited by Barbara Geilhorn and Kristina Iwata-Weickgennant

The natural and man-made cataclysmic events of the 11 March 2011 disaster, or 3.11, have dramatically altered the status quo of contemporary Japanese society. While much has been written about the social, political, economic, and technical aspects of the disaster, this volume represents one of the first in-depth explorations of the cultural responses to the devastating tsunami, and in particular the ongoing nuclear disaster of Fukushima.

This book explores a wide range of cultural responses to the Fukushima nuclear calamity by analyzing examples from literature, poetry, manga, theatre, art photography, documentary and fiction film, and popular music. Individual chapters examine the changing positionality of post-3.11 northeastern Japan and the fear-driven conflation of time and space in near-but-far urban centers; explore the political subversion and nostalgia surrounding the Fukushima disaster; expose the ambiguous effects of highly gendered representations of fear of nuclear threat; analyze the musical and poetic responses to disaster; and explore the political potentialities of theatrical performances. By scrutinizing various media narratives and taking into account national and local perspectives, the book sheds light on cultural texts of power, politics, and space.

Providing an insight into the post-disaster Zeitgeist as expressed through a variety of media genres, this book will be of interest to students and scholars of Japanese Studies, Japanese Culture, Popular Culture, and Literature Studies.

?Table of Contents?

1. Kristina Iwata-Weickgenannt and Barbara Geilhorn “Negotiating Nuclear Disaster: an Introduction”

2. Rachel DiNitto “Literature Maps Disaster: The Contending Narratives of 3.11 Fiction”

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【Interview】マレーシア特集『B.E.D.(Episode 5)』 リー・レンシン インタビュー




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【Books】A History of Japanese Theatre


Edited by Jonah Salz, Cambridge University Press, 2016.

Japan boasts one of the world’s oldest, most vibrant and most influential performance traditions. This accessible and complete history provides a comprehensive overview of Japanese theatre and its continuing global influence. Written by eminent international scholars, it spans the full range of dance-theatre genres over the past fifteen hundred years, including noh theatre, bunraku puppet theatre, kabuki theatre, shingeki modern theatre, rakugo storytelling, vanguard butoh dance and media experimentation. The first part addresses traditional genres, their historical trajectories and performance conventions. Part II covers the spectrum of new genres since Meiji (1868–), and Parts III to VI provide discussions of playwriting, architecture, Shakespeare, and interculturalism, situating Japanese elements within their global theatrical context. Beautifully illustrated with photographs and prints, this history features interviews with key modern directors, an overview of historical scholarship in English and Japanese, and a timeline. A further reading list covers a range of multimedia resources to encourage further explorations.

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