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Kyoko Iwaki / 岩城京子

Kyoko is a performing arts journalist and a Japanese theatre specialist based both in Tokyo and London. After living in New York and having been trained professionally in classical ballet, she completed her BA in Cultural Studies at Keio University (Shonan Fujisawa Campus). Alongside her undergraduate studies, she co-launched the cultural magazine Paperknife and also started contributing to magazines such as Pia weekly cultural magazine.

In 2001 Kyoko started her career as a freelance performing arts journalist. Since then, she has conducted interviews in 19 countries (including France, Germany, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Romania, Croatia, China, Korea, Australia and the United States) and has continuously written articles to magazines and newspapers most widely in Japan, such as AERA weekly news magazine, Shincho, Theatre Guide Japan, Numéro Tokyo and The Asahi Shimbun newspaper.

For the past few years, Kyoko has been working also as an independent artistic advisor, contributing to organizations such as Festival/Tokyo and National Theatre Wales. She was appointed Associate Creative Partner of Kanagawa Arts Theatre in 2010. In October 2011, she was invited to Festival/Tokyo’s Critics in Residence Program as one of the journalist representing Japan. In May 2012, she was invited as a guest journalist at Theatertreffen Festival in Berlin. From 2012, she has been directing a young journalists and critics program Blog Camp in F/T during the period of Festival/Tokyo. Her recent international media and festival appearance include, LiK Magazine (Bulgaria), Radio SRF (Switzerland), Festival La Bâtie (Geneve) and LIFT Festival (London). In 2015, she launched a pan-Asian curatorial and research platform Scene / Asia, funded by the Japan Foundation and the SAISON foundation, with Asian partners from China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan and Singapore.

In September 2012, she completed her MA in Performance and Culture: Interdisciplinary Perspectives at Goldsmiths, University of London (which she was fully funded by the Ito Foundation for International Education Exchange and earned a first class degree). Supported by a scholarship from Goldsmiths College, she is currently working on her PhD thesis, in which she focuses on the aesthetics of the post-nuclear catastrophe theatre in Japan. She has lectured in numerous venues including Japan Foundation, London and University of Arts, London and Goldsmiths, University of London.

Recent publications include Tokyo Theatre Today: Conversations with Eight Emerging Theatre Artists (Hublet Publishing, London and Tokyo), Ushio Amagatsu:Des rivages d’enfance au bûto de Sankai juku (Actes Sud, Paris), and A Contemporary World Theatre Capital  and Interview with Oriza Hirata (In: A History of Japanese Theatre, Cambridge University Press, forthcoming 2014).

パフォーミングアーツ・ジャーナリスト、日欧現代演劇研究者。東京都生まれ。86年から91年までニューヨーク在住。96年、慶応義塾大学環境情報学部(SFC)入学。在学中に、『ぴあ』等の文化誌に舞台コラムの執筆開始。99年、同大学同学部卒。編集部勤務後、01年独立。主に演劇とダンスを専門にしたジャーナリストとして活動を始める。独立後は、日本のみならず世界24カ国で取材をこなす。主な執筆媒体に、朝日新聞、AERA、新潮、シアターガイド、週刊朝日、ユリイカ、パピルスなど。国内の舞台公演プログラム(日本語)や海外演劇フェスティバルのパンフレット(英語)への寄稿も多数。近年はLiK Magazine (ブルガリア), Radio SRF (スイス)などの海外メディア、またFestival La Bâtie (スイス) and LIFT Festival (イギリス)などの海外フェスティバルでの講演にも招聘される。

2010年、神奈川芸術劇場クリエイティブ・パートナー就任。その他、フェスティバル/トーキョー、ウェールズ国立劇場などの組織にも外部アドバイザーとして参加。2012年5月、ベルリンテアタートレッフェン演劇祭に客員ジャーナリストとして招聘される。2012年より、公募で集った若手批評家・ジャーナリストらとともにフェスティバル/トーキョーをリアルタイムにバイリンガルで発信する「ブログ・キャンプ in F/T」を企画・運営。2015年、アジア5カ国のキュレーターと研究者により構成される「Scene / Asia」プロジェクトを立ち上げ。同企画のディレクターを務める。


2011年、和英バイリンガル著書『東京演劇現在形 八人の新進作家たちとの対話』出版(Hublet Publishing, ロンドン)。2013年4月『Ushio Amagatsu:Des rivages d’enfance au bûto de Sankai juku』をフランスにて出版(Actes Sud、パリ)。2014年発刊予定の学術書『A History of Japanese Theatre』(Cambridge University Press、ロンドン)に日本現代演劇に関する論文を寄稿。


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